Christmas Trees, Themed or Traditional?

I love the look of my eclectic Christmas tree with a mish-mash of ornaments that have either been handed down, gifted or collected from vacations and places we have lived.  Without getting super sentimental, it’s a reflection of our family and the experiences we have had together and I think it’s just perfect!  Does it all coordinate and match? Nope. Not a bit.  Does it look gorgeous enough to grace the pages of a magazine? Unfortunately no, and even as a person that loves beautiful coordinated things, I still think it’s just the perfect tree.  To me, it’s a traditional look because that’s what I grew up with.  Alternatively, when we spend our holiday at our vacation property in the Outer Banks our Christmas tree is a bit more coordinated and themed, naturally, with a beachy look.  The ornaments, store-bought, homemade and found are all in turquoises and sandy champagne colors.   I like both the unique and the coordinated Christmas trees.  Which kind of tree graces your home?  Here are some of the most gorgeous trees from traditional red and green to themed  to totally unique varieties.

Collected and Multicolored Trees


Traditional Red Themed



Silver and Gold



Coastal Theme



Blue Trees



Pink Trees


Totally Unique